Past Crew

  • Whitney V

    Whitney V | Canada

    that is where I saw my very first whale shark! By far, the best day of my underwater life, possibly my entire life :)
  • Patty M

    Patty M | Mexico

    one of the most amazing places Ive seen in my life .... Oh man, the shenanigans we got up to underwater!.
  • Sarah O-L

    Sarah O-L | London, UK

    Amazing… I truly miss being on Koh Tao. I have printed my favorite pictures and blue tacked them up.
  • Lisa & Ash

    Lisa & Ash | ZW and UK

    made more friends in that short time on the island and had more fun than we have in 3 years in the UK rat race.
  • Janine

    Janine | Switzerland

    when you turn around and look at the reef itself, its so full of life. I saw some of the coolest things.