Getting Here | Travel Info & Koh Tao Ferry Timetables

Most of you will be entering Thailand by flying in to Bangkok - traveling to Koh Tao could not be easier.

You can travel by plane, bus or train and of course ferry to reach Koh Tao but duration and prices vary. Below we have given you a few options to suit your budget and schedule.

Whichever way you travel here, if you are going to stay or dive with Simple Life Diving Resort Koh Tao, we're happy to send our taxi to meet you at the Koh Tao ferry pier and bring you down to the resort, free of charge. Just drop Simple Life Diving Koh Tao an email to let us know when you'll be arriving [on which boat at which time].

Fly Bangkok to Samui > then Samui to Koh Tao Ferry

Bangkok airways flight to Koh TaoThis is by far the quickest (and most expensive) option.

Flights to Koh Samui are available through There are more than 20 flights per day to the island and the price is about 3000 - 4000 baht one way.

From the airport to the ferry pier is only 15-20 minutes by taxi, You have the choice between two companies and Both companies offer high speed ferry crossing from Samui stopping at Koh Phangan on the way.

Important: The last boat departs each day at about 1:00 pm. If your flight arrives later than this you will have to stay on Samui for one night and then choose between the morning or afternoon ferry to Koh Tao the following day.

Better is to make sure you get an early flight, giving you plenty of time to make it to the ferry pier.

Train From Bangkok to Chumphon, then transfer to Koh Tao ferry

Bangkok to Koh Tao trainYou can take an overnight train from Bangkok's Hualamphong train station, straight through to Chumphon.

The trains are inexpensive and comfortable, with a decent bed so long as you book either first or second class. Once you arrive in Chumphon it's easy to arrange a ticket for the short ferry to Koh Tao.

The service is very good, the beds are clean and the attendants normally provide an early morning wake up call as you're approaching Chumphon.

Once you reach Chumphon, there's a 24 hour travel agent very close to the train station called Fame Tour. Here you can organize your ferry to Koh Tao and transfer to the pier.

We highly recommend sticking to either the Lomprayah or Seatran ferry services - these are the fastest, most comfortable and reliable ferry services, and although a hundred baht or so more than the alternatives, it's well worth paying a little extra and being comfortable.

Bus From Bangkok to Chumphon, then ferry to Koh Tao

Bangkok to Koh Tao ferry with LomprayahThis is the most popular route for time, taking about the same time as the train but with easier connections and a little cheaper. offers joint bus and boat tickets.

The price is about 950 baht for combined direct ticket. The bus will stop along the way so you can stretch your legs and get a bite to eat, and is comfortable with onboard bathroom, air conditioning and western movies to keep you entertained. The bus leaves the Khao San Road area of Bangkok twice a day, the 6am departure will arrive here the same day at about 2 pm, the 8pm evening departure will arrive on Koh Tao pier the following morning at 10am.

If you don't book your ticket online, you can pick one up as any travel agent in Khao San Road.

It is best to book a few days in advance as they fill up during peak seasons and Thai holidays. Provided you let us know when you'll be arriving, we will be waiting on the pier to meet you and bring you straight to Simple Life PADI Dive resort.

Boat from Samui to Koh Tao

Seatran Koh Tao ferryTo get to here from Koh Samui has never been easier with many ferry services operating between the islands twice daily.

The crossing takes about 2 hours, stopping at Koh Phangan to drop off and pick up passengers along the way.

The best services are operated by Lomprayah Catamaran [] and Seatran Discovery []. Prices are about 550 baht per person and include a free pick up service on Koh Samui.

Tickets are available from any of the Samui travel agents and departure times are 8am and 1pm everyday.

Ferry from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao

The same two companies run their boats from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao with prices of about 300 baht per person.

Departure times at 8:30am and 12:30pm. The crossing should only take 1 hour from Koh Phangan to Koh Tao.

Travel to Koh Tao From Southern Thailand | Night Boat from Suratthani

There are two options to get here from the mainland of Surat Thani.

The Songserm Express company operates daily boats that depart from Surat Thani to Koh Samui, continuing to Koh Phangan and finally reaching Koh Tao. The departure time is about 7am and arrival on Koh Tao will be about 2pm. Price is about 700 baht for the whole journey.

The other option is the Surat Thani night boat, This is a sleeper boat that is mainly used by Thai’s and backpackers. It departs at 11pm every night arriving here in the early hours of the morning usually around 7am. The cost of the night boat is about 550 baht per person.

Koh Tao Ferry Timetables

Chumphon to Koh Tao Ferry


Ferry Name Depart Chumphon Arrive Koh Tao
Lomprayah Catamaran [Recommended] 07:00 09:00
  13:00 15:00
Seatran Discovery [Recommended] 07:00 09:00
Songserm Express Boat 07:00 10:00


Koh Phangan to Koh Tao Ferry


Ferry Name Depart Phangan Arrive Koh Tao
Lomprayah Catamaran [Recommended] 08:30 09:15
  13:00 14:15
Seatran Discovery [Recommended] 08:30 10:00
  14:00 15:30
Songserm Express Boat 12:00 14:45


Koh Samui to Koh Tao Ferry


Ferry Name Depart Samui Arrive Koh Tao
Lomprayah Catamaran [Recommended] 08:00 09:15
  12:30 14:15
Seatran Discovery [Recommended] 08:00 10:00
  13:30 15:30
Songserm Express Boat 11:00 14:45


Suratthani to Koh Tao Ferries


Ferry Name Depart Surat Thani Arrive Koh Tao
Songserm Express Boat 07:00 14:45
Surat thani Night Boat 11:00 08:00