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Who Joins our Scuba Diving Internships on Koh Tao?

PADI Dive internship Thailand

The variety of different backgrounds that diving interns originate from is vast.

The one common theme which unites all interns is that they're are looking for excitement and adventure, to experience life on a beautiful tropical island, learn new skills and explore the amazing aquatic realm, meeting similar people from all over the world.

Some people are using our Koh Tao scuba diving internships as an extended break or scuba diving gap year - it's a very economical way to experience the Far East, and gaining a professional PADI scuba diving qualification gives you a means to earn money whilst you travel.

For other individuals the decision to join one of our PADI dive internships is a change of career, seeking a more challenging and fulfilling line of work. This becomes especially attractive during the current economic down turn, where escaping a tedious job in the West is probably the best thing you can do!

Although not exclusively, a large portion of our diving interns are pre or post university gap year students from all over the globe. Taking a diving internship in Thailand is a great way to get some perspective, before returning home to make big life decisions about what direction you go in. And for sure the skills and experiences you receive in Koh Tao, will help you along the way, developing leadership, team-working, organizational and problem solving skills, gaining an appreciation of how a busy operation runs, and experiencing life overseas.

Similarly we get a range of people from working backgrounds, either taking an extended break or planning to switch careers and work within the scuba diving industry. Past examples include city professionals, tradesmen, teachers and even early retirees.

Male to Female Ratios for Thailand Dive Internships & Safety for Solo Female Travelers

Koh Tao gap year dive internship

As a recreational activity, scuba diving is neither male nor female dominated.

We see roughly equal numbers male and female people joining our scuba diving internships. This is also reflected in our full time staff of PADI Divemasters and Dive Instructors - obviously the posse changes throughout the year, but the we're generally working with similar numbers of guys and girls. This means we have a pleasant, well balanced social environment.

Safety for solo female travelers joining our scuba diving internships in Koh Tao isn't an issue. Firstly, Koh Tao is well set up for western tourism - there's little crime and many young travelers so it's a very safe place to spend time.

Secondly, Simple Life Divers has a great social crowd, so once you arrive here you'll quickly start making friends and become part of the posse. Similarly transferring from Bangkok to Koh Tao is easy and safe, with many travelers making the same journey each day. We'll provide you with full details.

Nationalities of Gap Year Scuba Diving Interns

Padi dive internship in Koh Tao Thailand

Here on Koh Tao, our dive internship candidates come from all over the world.

One of the best bits about taking a scuba diving internship is the vast variety of people who you'll meet, work together with as part of the Simple Life team and form lasting friendships with. Koh Tao is a truly international destination and living here is a rich cultural experience.

Simple Life is English owned and managed, so we attract a lot of customers from the UK. Other common nationalities of divers and internship trainees include Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish, French, German, Spanish and Italian, Israeli, Canadian, American, Australian, Kiwi and South African.

The mix of different backgrounds and perspectives is one of the reasons why taking a scuba diving internship in Thailand is so attractive.

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