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Past PADI Divemaster & Instructor Testimonials

Over the years we've trained many, many dive professionals here at Simple Life.

Below, some of our former PADI Divemasters and Instructors share their Koh Tao dive internship experiences, stories and advice from 'Turtle Island'.

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Scuba internships graduate Chris from Oz

Chris K: "The time I spent doing my Divemaster Training on Koh Tao was probably the best 3 months of my life." READ MORE

PADI internships graduate Katy

Katy Y: "Simple Life gave me the best summer ever ... working on the coolest dive boat in Koh Tao" READ MORE

PADI Divemaster Bradley Ransom

Brad R: "I'd rate Koh Tao 100 out of 10. It’s the most relaxing yet exciting place to stay & you could stay forever" READ MORE

PADI Divemaster Patty

Patty M: "one of the most amazing places I've seen in my life .... Oh man, the shenanigans we got up to underwater!" READ MORE

PADI Divemaster Davoc on Koh Tao

Davoc B: "Be cool, don’t rub people up the wrong way, enjoy yourself, but don’t be an idiot, don’t hire a quad bike!" READ MORE.

Padi internships graduate Sarah on Koh Tao

Sarah O'L: "Amazing… I truly miss being on Koh Tao. I have printed my favourite pictures & blue tacked them up" READ MORE

PADI Divemaster Joe from Wales

Joe M: "I remember thinking, wow, is that where I'm going to be spending the next 10 weeks...time of my life" READ MORE


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